Organizational Structure of Northern Diocese Mardan

For the governance and administrative purposes, the Northern Diocese is divided into Six (6) Sectors under a Sector Secretary…

Organizational Structure OF THE Northern Diocese Mardan
• Chairman

• The Diocese Council

• Diocesan Executive Committee

• Vice chairman (Lay Man)

• Vice Chairman (Lay Woman)

• Vice Chairman (Clergy)

• Diocesan Treasurer

• Diocesan Secretary

• Secretary Mission & Ministry

• Secretary Education

• Secretary Finance

• Secretary Property

• Secretary Development & Relief

• Secretary Health

Experiences and capacity of the Northern Diocese Mardan

The Northern Diocese Mardan has solid infrastructure, enough volunteers, and full time workers to carry out the work of the Diocese. All the volunteers and workers contribute their time, skills and energy for the survival and the identity of the Church in this part of the world.

The Management Team at the Diocesan Centre (Main Office)
Vice President Clergy (Honorary)
Vice President Lay Women (Honorary)
Vice President Lay Men (Honorary)
Diocesan Centre Management
Diocesan Secretary
Bishop’s Secretary
Security Officer
Reception Incharge
Diocesan Treasurer’s Office
Treasurer & Finance Secretary (Honorary)
Chief Accountant
Accounts Officer
Office Assistant

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